Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two useful enhancements for Django Debug Toolbar

Sometimes on my work I experience two typical issues: first one is that on unknown projects I don't know what objects was changes, how much objects was changed and what is deleted. To find out what's going on the current page(s) I have to study code of views, internal methods etc. Sometimes it's really pain in the ass, for example if I work on satchmo-based projects.

Another typical issue is hard way to keep valid HTML during long-term development. I don't want to add plugins to my browser which will validate my html. But I still need to develop clean and transparent HTML code. So I made decision to develop additional HTML Validator panel for Django Debug Toolbar.

Past month I've done two panels (screenshots below):

  1. State Debug Panel – debug_toolbar.panels.state.StateDebugPanel
  2. HTML Validator Debug Panel – debug_toolbar.panels.htmlvalidator.HTMLValidationDebugPanel
All of the code was merged with current master of django-debug-panel and available on github


  1. Feel free to add your panels to the 3rd party panels page so people can find them...

  2. Nice work!

    I would really like to have these panels as independent projects/plugins to Debug Toolbar. It would be easier to start using it right away, instead of waiting for a next Debug Toolbar release.

    See for example the Memcached ( and Mongodb ( panels.

    All the best, HB!