Wednesday, June 15, 2011

django-dtpanel-htmltidy: Custom Django Debug Toolbar panel to validate your HTML

Custom panel form Django Debug Toolbar which display HTML Validation errors and warnings.

Install with PIP:

pip install django-dtpanel-htmltidy

Configuration instructions on github

Compatible with Django 1.1.1 and higher and Django Debug Toolbar 0.8.2 and higher.


App on:
Thanks to Rob Hudson and Enrique Bastos for the tip about custom panel.


  1. Looks really usefull. Is is using W3C Validator or something else?

  2. @eng. Ilian Iliev, it use pytidy package. I had to choose between w3c service and painful parsing of results and pytidy. I chose pytidy - it's easy and no dependency on external services (eq fast).