Friday, December 30, 2011

Flask-Jasmine: Execute Jasmine tests within Flask

Just finished Flask-Jasmine extension to execute beautiful Behavior Driven tests for Jasmine in JavaScript.

Such extensions already exists for Django and for Rails. Now it's available for Flask too.

Install with pip:

pip install Flask-Jasmine

Detailed instruction about configuration and usage

Friday, December 9, 2011

Update: JsLint Checker for Sublime Text 2 with jslint4java

Very important update of JsLint Checker Plugin for Sublime Text 2: I've moved execution of jslint4java (the tool which make lint checks) into separate thread so now plugin becoming usable for production/daily usage.

Execution in separate thread is important difference from other *-lint plugins – you don't need to wait with blocked editor area until jslint finish the work. Now all of it will be done separately from main editor thread and you can continue to work.

Next steps for this plugin are:
  1. Add support of Sublime Package Control
  2. I want to add support of PyLint, PEP8 and PyFlakes support
Check it out on GitHub

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

JsLint Checker for Sublime Text 2 with jslint4java

Just finished small JsLint Checker for Sublime Text 2. Configuration of two found on github packages was quite non-trivial from my point of view.

I think that clean code is great improvement of development process and speed of development. Also JsLint is very good tool to avoid stupid errors like variables global scope leaks and so on.

Check it out on github